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We went a little non-traditional with our wedding day. We wanted it to feel like us, not what the world wanted it to be. We traveled down to Tulsa with about 30 of our closest family & friends to say “I will” to each other. Life with my best friend is amazing.

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Hey, I’m becca-

I have been creating my art for a little over seven years, which has been plenty of time for me to learn and craft my work into something that I am proud of & something that my clients will cherish forever. I picked up a camera & my heart was never the same. It may sound cheesy, but I found the importance of a photograph. I found the value in preserving the things that make us ourselves.

I am a plant-lover + am forever growing my little garden. I have a fiddle leaf fig tree named Edison and it makes my heart happy when Jacob moves it from its little spot by my chair for better light. I find there to be peace in taking care of something else, watching it grow. Icecream is my third love language, right behind coffee which is a solid second. I could probably consume icecream + coffee for days and be completely content- if my body could actally survive on it. As an introvert you can find me in my sweats with a glass of red wine watching The Office on a normal night. I think I’ve watched through the entire series of The Office about 20+ times, and can quote it like no other. I love people and experiences, but definitely love my cozy little space.

I’m a very calm + quiet person (besides when I am behind my camera giving you all of the encouragement), and it’s taken me a while to accept that. I always felt like I needed to be someone different, needed to fit in. That couldn’t be more true. I’ve found power in my strengths + ability to see things that most people don’t. No worries, I’m good at being loud and assertive when I need to, but I’ve been told that I am a source of peace in the crazy of what a wedding can be.

Photography has absolutely become a significant part of me, but I have many things I enjoy outside of archiving life’s best moments. I adore my new husband, Jacob, we just married this past December. He is the light to my life & the best thing that ever happened to me. His intentional heart & quick-witted humor are just two of the things I love most about him.