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+ Do you edit all of our photographs?

Me or my personal editor hand-touch every image that you will receive back. No image leaves my computer without being edited! No, I will never give out raw files. I feel that apart of the experience with me is the editing. Does an artist give you lines to fill in like a coloring book?

+ Do you travel? How far?

Yes! I absolutely LOVE to travel & will go anywhere!

+ What are your travel costs?

If I travel over 50 miles there is a small mile fee for gas and travel. If the location is over 3 hours away I do require one night stay. For any out of state locations I will ask for airfare, rental car, and hotel accommodations.

+ Can we print/share on social media?

Many photographers watermark photos or force you to print directly through them – I do things differently. I offer albums and prints, but the way I see it, you’ve invested a lot for your photos, so you should have the freedom to do what you want with them for personal use. You can print + post your photos freely with the release I give you.

+ Do you offer prints?

Yes I do! I believe that printing your photos is very important, a legacy to pass down to generations. I offer a print shop at the bottom of your gallery & high quality albums that we can design together.