Chelsea + Long – Intimate Outdoor Summer Missouri Wedding

Filed in Wedding — September 1, 2019


C + L

Chelsea + Long are two of the kindest, and God-focused people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. I say that about all of my clients, and I mean it every single time, but these two had a fire about them. They constantly look out for everyone else, see what they can do to give- even on their wedding day.

They wed on top of a hill, in front of a cross that Chelsea’s father made for their wedding. It was storybook material. He worked and worked on that cross. It was no easy feat. He said, like many other things too, that service for Chelsea had only helped him draw closer to God.

They prayed, worshiped, prayed, and worshiped over & over. It was absolutely beautiful to witness. Delicious food from their venue was served, and cake was cut. Conversations carried on through the evening, and laughter could be heard echoing out of the reception room. Simple joy. I can just see the light spilling from everyone there, it was so joyful!

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